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Social nets defender v1.0

This little script can detect fraud web sessions running via automatized spam-like softwares. Usually spammers emulate different browsers to create multiple accounts to avoid security system and to begin malicious activity.

Script can detect real connection parameters over the spoofed ones. So we can tell if the user is using real web browser (legit session) or the session is running via some shady software (fraud session).

By detecting such fraud connections we can help to prevent distribution of fake news, porn, drugs and other types of abusive and illegal content.


Checking your connection:

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             v.1.0 released 2019.07.15
List of items can be detected:
  • Desktop Browsers: Chrome,Opera,Mozilla,Yandex
  • Software behind the browser: Multilogin App, Selenium, Zennoposter
  • Mobile devices: iPhone, Android